Posted by: jsonmez | May 31, 2010

Powershell is Pretty Cool

I’m pretty behind on the Powershell thing.  I have to admit, I never really was that interested in using it.  But now that it is included in Windows 7, I feel like it is much more of a worthwhile investment since those skills are likely to be usable on any machine you’re on.

Dev machines woes


I been having lots of fun trying to build and setup my new dev machine for my new job.  Ended up working over the weekend on it, but it has been a pretty good learning experience.

I have learned many things from the experience, including:

  • Power supplies can make beeping noises.
  • Just because your computer beeps, doesn’t mean it’s not working, check to see if there is video.
  • You must pull the processor securing lever all the way up before panicking, calling everyone you know and screaming “MY PROCESSOR IS STUCK IN THE MOTHERBOARD, OH GOD HELP ME NOW!”
  • Installing Windows in SATA mode, then switching to ACHI mode will probably require a reinstall.
  • Installing Windows on a hd connected to a motherboard and processor, and switching to another motherboard and processor will probably require a reinstall.
  • IIS is not installed by default.
    • When IIS is installed, ASP.NET support is not installed by default in the IIS install.  (I always install IIS to serve up static content in 2010… yeah)
  • Drives raided together need to have their partitions recreated before a Windows 7 install will recognize the drive at all.
  • 4 monitor stand clamps don’t work to well on glass desktops for supporting four 24” monitors.
  • You can never have too many monitors.  It’s just not possible.

Making lemonade

Out of all the bad things that seemed to go wrong, I did learn a large amount of stuff, so overall I think it was worth it.

One of the really cool things I started learning is Powershell.  After setting up my dev environment for about the 4th time, I decided I would try to start to build something to benefit the rest of the team and new developers.

I started writing a Powershell script that would set up all the little tricky things that need to be done in order to get our development environment ready.  I am eating my own dog food, from my previous post.

One value I hold pretty highly is that if I have to do something manually more than 3 times, I need to figure out a way to automate it.  Powershell makes many automation tasks very possible.

I’ll include some pictures of my dev cave on my next post!



  1. Yea, I like PowerShell. 2.0 brought along many enhancements. I do a lot of work in VBscript for system administration and the WMI can get pretty hairy sometimes. PowerShell really simplified a bunch of scripts.

    A good resource for PowerShell is the Scripting Guy’s Blog on TechNet

    He has a bunch of interesting tricks. I keep it on one of my daily blog reads.

    Also Sapien Technologies has a free GUI designer for PowerShell called PrimalForms. Its a pretty slick tool to play with as well.

    • Sweet, thanks for the tips. I’ll have to check out the changes in 2.0. Was looking for a good PS IDE also. Thanks.

      • PowerShell 2.0 comes with PowerShell ISE which isnt bad but third party IDEs have many more features. PowerGUI ( is probably one of the biggest PowerShell IDEs out there, but it does not have a form builder like Primal Forms. However, you do get intellisense!

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