Posted by: jsonmez | December 8, 2012

Winners from XNA Contest

Around the end of Sept when I released my XNA course with Pluralsight I announced a contest for a chance to win an iPad, Kindle Fire HD or a Nexus 7.

Thanks for everyone that entered the contest!

It was difficult to pick the winners, but without further ado, here they are!

First place!

Hermies Adventure by Joshua Burchat


I really liked the depth that was put into this game.

In my course, I had covered creating a shooter game, but Joshua went beyond that and figured out how to create a platform game.

The game features scrolling clouds in the background, falling snow and lots of different enemies that behave in different ways.

The game even included potions that randomly dropped when killing enemies.

Congratulations Joshua, great job on this game!

Second place!

Genesis by Patrick Kalkman


This game was also very well done.  It was a very tough choice between this one and Hermies Adventure.

Patrick did an excellent job of really creating a nice shooting game with smooth animations, power ups and even bosses.

He also included a level editor.

I really liked how Patrick created the enemy movements.  It really felt like a classing arcade game.

Third place!

Bee-pops by Illias Shaikh


Another excellent game.  I really liked how Illias utilized realistic physics to make the balls bounce around the screen.  The little transparency effects on the balls made a neat game experience as well.

It is a pretty simple concept, but it was done very well.

Thanks everyone who entered the contest

Was really great to see all the games that were created.



  1. Will the source for these be made available?

    • That will be up to the individual authors, they retain ownership.

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