I am a professional software developer / architect living in Tampa, Florida

I am passionate about test driven development, and writing clean code.
I am passionate about agile methodologies.
I am passionate about learning.

I believe in solving problems by making them more simple.
I believe the most elegant solutions are the simple ones.
I believe in helping and mentoring others.
I believe in learning and being mentored by others.

I am a christian, a husband, a father, a free thinker.




  1. Hi John

    Could you tell me what area the landscape is in your header image?


    • Actually. I don’t know. It was a template. 🙂

    • looks like somewhere in England. Check these out:

      • Interesting 🙂 I was going to say it looks a lot like where i am from in West Cork Ireland.

        Bantry Bay

  2. Just found your blog by luck. I really like that post on “drinking on fire hose”. Just wonder what is your recommendation for developer blogs.
    Your blog is not in the list of so-called Top 100, but I’ll keep it in my RSS.

  3. Hi John,

    Do you have any experience with Canoo WebTest? would love to hear your thoughts about it.

    • No, I haven’t here used that one. Will check it out though.

  4. Just found your blog from pluralsight. Very well written blogs about make complex code simple. I am just working on a large project and I wasn’t thinking about cleaning code. Well for sure I will start doing it now, can’t believe how messy and hard to maintain code becomes once the things gather.

  5. Your surname is used in Turkey very often 🙂

    • My father was born in Istanbul 🙂

  6. That means you are half Turk! 🙂

  7. Awesome Pluralsight course on IOS and Monotouch!

  8. Small suggestion from distant Poland 🙂 Maybe you could consider making your blog template wider. Current width (750px) occupies little more than half of most modern monitors width 🙂

    • Thanks, I am not able to modify the template, because it is a one, but I’ll probably be moving to a site soon, where I will have that control.

  9. It’s nice to have a references like you. I have just added your page to my bookmarks. And believe me, it’s full of the BEST out there.

    • Thank you.

  10. I couldn’t resist to appreciate how thorough your blog is as well as your technical expertise are commendable. You are one of those few people who I always follow. Excellent blog and courses at Pluralsight. Please continue sharing your knowledge with us… All the best!!!

    • Thanks. I am an very honored by what you have said.

  11. Mubeen, I second you. Every single world you wrote is well deserved by John. Pure awesomeness here. Apart from that, he’s a GOOD man.

    • @Jose: I wonder how he talks from C# to Java, from iOS to Android, from Enterprise Library to God knows what is coming next. Infact, just listened to his course about Job Interviews. He’s on spot with his course on that matter, at least from my experience. I’ve seen programmers from brilliant to crappy. Good programmers unfortunately can’t express why and what makes them so good. On the other hand, he has an insight about the things he speaks…as if he owns them. So compelling and brilliant.

      • Thank you both again. Your encouragement is very inspiring, and you are too kind.

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