Back to Basics Series

Getting Back to Basics: Introduction and Why

What is an Interface

Cohesion and Coupling Part 1

Cohesion and Coupling Part 2

What is Dependency Inversion?  Is it IoC? Part 1

What is Dependency Inversion? Part 2

Understanding IoC Part 1

Understanding IoC Part 2


Why Unit Testing is Hard

Unit Testing, Automated Blackbox Testing, and Conclusions

Unit Testing Without Mocks

Mock Eliminating Patterns

Becoming BAT Man



  1. […] Back to Basics Series […]

  2. […] Back to Basics Series […]

  3. […] Back to Basics Series […]

  4. Just a heads up….The link for Understanding IoC Part 2 is pointing to the wrong article. Thanks for the great series!

    • Thanks and thanks! Fixed now 🙂

  5. […] Back to Basics Series […]

  6. […] […]

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