How to Build Agile Software

How to build agile software.  A compiled list of my posts, organized by topic.

Agile testing:

Agile Testing

Simplified Testing

Automation Record or Write a Framework?

Automation Framework Example

Automation Framework Presentation

Advanced Automation, Making a DSL

Watch out for the Ego Test

The True Cost of Quality


Why to use Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration Best Practices

Development Process:

Kanbanand 1

Kanbanand 2

Kanban vs Scrum

Waterfall vs Agile

Mini-waterfall vs Agile

Don’t do Scrumbut

Problems with Scrum

Fatlogs 1

Fatlogs 2

Sizing User Stories in Kanban

Scrum: Don’t Move the Finish Line

Automate Your Processes

What to Automate

Working with User Stories

Vertical Slicing

Team and Best Practices:

Why Pair Programming?

Pair Programming Presentation

Code Reviews

Have a Tools Team if Possible

Avoid Mob Architecture

Stay out of Production

Development Environment Setup


Audit Tracking

SQL to check SQL

Violating DRY, Naming Columns

Source Control and Release Management:

Merge In, Then Merge Out

Don’t Merge: Simple Branching Strategy 1

Don’t Merge: Simple Branching Strategy 2

Release Management: Features or Time

Personal Development:

Selling Yourself 1

Selling Yourself 2

Read Books

Want to be a Better Programmer?

Absorbing Information

Writing Elegant Code



  1. I visited your website today for the first time. I was searching Google for articles on Scrumban and Kanban versus Scrum and found you. I enjoy your prospective and find you website fits your personal profile and website title: simple is better.

    I look forward to reading more of your work.


    • Thank you. I appreciate the compliment.

  2. Hey, John… I read a lot of stuff on agile, Scrum and KanBan.. and 90% of it is from the perspective of the scrummaster or team lead; which means 90% of it is nice to know but is one-sided. Hearing what works and what doesn’t work from a developer’s perspective is REALLY important to me, so your site has been quite illuminating for me. I am relatively new to scrum, less than 2 years. It has made a huge difference where I work, but I also see some pitfalls that you’ve nicely addressed. I’m looking forward to reading the wealth of information that you’ve published and look forward to future posts

    • Thanks, appreciate the compliments.

  3. Excellent Article, Agile is really great and I hope it will used for 1000 years. Thanks for the great article brother.


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